We believe in the right to health, safety and autonomy. We work to protect these rights among people who use substances. We facilitate conversations in communities about substance use and promote harm reduction principles. Embracing a harm reduction framework means we strive to:

  • understand that people who use our services know what they need for their health,
  • make available our services as low-barrier as possible, and
  • destigmatize, validate, and acknowledge the humanity of all people who use drugs.

We follow the general Harm Reduction principles outlined by the Harm Reduction Coalition, and also Healing-Centered Harm Reduction (principles developed by Reframe Health & Justice)

SHRS aims to serve people that might not otherwise be able to or want to access syringe services.

We are always working to lower and remove barriers that prevent people from accessing our services. We deliver supplies directly to anyone in the Twin Cities free of charge, have street outreach teams, and rely on peer exchanges to reach those who need our services. Southside acts as a stepping stone to other services that people may want or need. Lowering the barriers to our services increases people’s access to medical, chemical, and other services.