Updated delivery area, effective 9/23/19

Starting Sept 23rd, SHRS will operate within a strict delivery area.

As seen on the map, our range will include​ the city of Minneapolis, Midway, and the Rosedale mall area​. We hope this won’t be forever. But for right now, we have to limit our range for these reasons:

  • The time it takes to drive outside our range (and back) makes it so we can’t see as many people each night.
  • We have a huge demand for deliveries, and not enough people to do all of them. We want to be up-front about what we are able to provide right now.
  • For the health and longevity of Southside, we need more time each week to work on finding money, getting more organized and bringing on new volunteers. We hope to keep Southside stocked and delivering forever!

We do not want to exclude you. If you live outside our range, let’s make a plan to meet within our new range!

We can also help you connect with another exchange service. You’re also welcome to come to one of our pop-up exchanges in South Minneapolis (coming soon! Watch our website or Facebook for details). Your understanding during this process is greatly appreciated.

Want to join us in figuring all of this out? We want to hear from you! Sign up to volunteer on our website, send us an email, or call/text our number, (612) 615-9725.

With love,
Southside Harm Reduction Services